The focus of my consulting and representation is the goal of creating added value for you and your company. A fair and transparent billing is crucial for that.

Please note that all services are provided on the basis of the Terms and Conditions (AAB). These are based on the General Terms of Contract for Lawyers drawn up by the Austrian Bar Association (ÖRAK).


Accounting variants

The fee is generally subject to the free agreement between the lawyer and the client. Here you will find an example of the three most common types:

  1. Hourly billing: We agree on an hourly rate in advance. The billing is based on the actual time spent. In certain cases, this billing can be combined with an upper limit (“cap”).
  2. Accounting according to the legal regulations (RATG, AHK, NTG): The amount of the fee is basically determined by the amount in dispute. This type of settlement is made, for example, against the opponent in a civil lawsuit. In particular, a distinction is made between billing according to individual services and according to the (flat-rate) so-called “standard rate”.
  3. Lump-sum fee: If the amount of work and time required can be reliably estimated in advance, the agreement of a lump-sum fee offers both parties the advantage of exact calculability.


Litigation financing

Especially in the case of high amounts in dispute (€ 150.000,- and above) it can make economic sense to outsource the cost risk of court proceedings, arbitration proceedings or mediation proceedings to a litigation financier. The latter will assume all costs incurred for the effective enforcement of your claims. In return, he retains a certain percentage of the amount obtained (profit-sharing). The litigation financier is commissioned by you and has no legal connection with me.

Legal consulting and representation requires flexible and solution-oriented thinking. The major focus is to generate additional value for you and your business.