Data Protection Law

Data Protection law

  • Support in the practice-oriented implementation of data protection regulations in your company
  • Structuring of your sales concept compliant with data protection laws
  • Implementation of your advertising campaign in accordance with data protection requirements
  • Review and preparation of data processing agreements (Art 28 GDPR)
  • Marketing campaigns in compliance with the GDPR
  • Data protection training for your employees


“Data protection” is about personal data and the protection of the person behind it against misuse during the collection, processing or use of this data. The data subject, whose personal data are processed, should be informed about the respective processing operations and be able to make a self-determined decision based on this information.

“Data security” must be differentiated from this. The aim of this is to protect the data itself, for example against theft or manipulation. Technical-organizational measures (“TOM’s”) should ensure that there are no abuses.

No matter if “big global player”, established SME or locally acting sole proprietor, the processing of data plays an important role. Not only customer data, for example, but also employee data are affected. The legal framework in Austria is provided in particular by the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Austrian Data Protection Act 2018. In addition, there are numerous special provisions in various special laws which make it difficult for you as an entrepreneur to maintain an overview.


Use the new regulations as an opportunity to create trust with your business partners and employees. As a data protection officer (certified by Austrian Standards), I support you in all questions and issues relating to data protection law.

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